Cameron Anderson & Box Jobs:

Get What You Need Community Fair 11/14/2021 This community event is designed to support individuals primarily on the East Side of Indianapolis. Boxed Jobs is an organization that focuses on connecting individuals coming out of the prison system with jobs and resources to help them seamlessly re- enter back into society and begin the rehabilitation process.

Services provided:

- Fresh Food - COVID Vaccines + Boosters - Expungement Assistance - Utility Assistance - Parking Fee Assistance - Other Critical Resources

1st Annual Winter Homeless Drive Community Service

All designed to support the homeless populations living in the downtown area. This ministry has a passion and commitment to serving communities and people that need a second chance at life and who are trying to survive after going through some very difficult times in life.

Supporting them with:

- Backpacks - Socks - Sweat Suits - Toiletries - Blankets

M.O.V.E Annual Christmas Give Away December 2021 at School 105

Every year since its founding M.O.V.E. has supported families within the Indianapolis Community by providing support during the holiday season. We all know how important Christmas to families especially those with young children as well as youth in middle or high school. Our goal is to help elevate the pressure that families especially those that are single parent homes feel during the holiday season. This is done in partnership with School 105.

Crack a Pipe and Save a Life Gun Violence Awareness 2022

This event will bring together bike riders across the Midwest to bring awareness to gun violence that plagues our city. M.O.V.E. will take over our city streets with a parade of multi-cultural unity showcasing the strength and power of togetherness. We believe that this ride can help to bring our city closer together as we work to love, support, and serve our greatest asset which is each other.

Our Goal

The Mission of MOVE is to be the agents of positive change creating a foundation without limits designed to cater to families, people, places, and communities within our society to achieve social, economic, and physical empowerment.

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